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Your corporate masters

Send you on a trip, to an uninteresting place, for unrelenting work. For this, you are expected to arrange your own travel, price compare to save the corporation’s money, pay for it out of your own pocket, bear the ancillary expenses of rearranging your life for weeks or months at a time (which won’t be reimbursed – the corporation treats every employee equally in assuming no personal life outside of work), be treated like a criminal suspect should you decide to take any personal time whilst on the company dime, then beg to get your expenses reimbursed, months later, all the while the vig is ticking.

REIMBURSED! You floated a loan of many thousands of dollars, probably at usurious vig, to a entity which deals with billions of dollars every year, yet can find no way to pay such expenses out of its own pocket. Yet is penurious about tens of dollars in reimbursements when it comes to giving your back your own money. And obsequious and unresponsive to boot. Heaven forfend you should misinterpret some arcane rule, written with the worst components of legal precision and human resources intelligence. That is to say, not precise, and able to be arbitrarily interpreted in a manner not to your favor.