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Dilbert nails it again

One assumes he’s taking ideas from people at my TLA organization. I used to send in ideas that he’d use. But it probably just means that it sucks just as much to work here as anyplace else.


Add the guy without an inside voice whose job it is to talk on the phone all day, and who doesn’t know about email, and when he’s not talking about work, or has (literally) seven people in his office having an impromptu three hour meeting, is talking on the phone about his train setup.

Or the guy who thinks it’s ok to conference call on speakerphone (pro-tip: get a headset).

Or, or should I say, and, the lady who thinks it’s ok to 1) cook smelly food in her office all day long, 2) listen to Beyonce on loudspeakers (“no one has ever complained before!”, 3) wear too much perfume, and 4) I’m pretty sure the loud continual phone conversations in Armenian have absolutely nothing to do with work as evidenced by the restaraunt names in English. There is the lovely sound of her two-inch fingernails on the keyboard to make up for it though…

Supposedly, scientists are supposed to work here. I guess you could add crying babies, dripping water, loud punk rock, and the air compressor kicking off downstairs. Wait. One of those is a real thing. I can see the vibrations in my coffee cup, ala Jurassic Park. And I listen to loud punk rock on AKG K271s in order to drown out the other voices not in my head. So I guess that’s a real thing too.

I do have a window. Out of which I can see mountains. And red-tailed hawks.