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August mist

A very lovely series of days, in late July, early August. The marine layer [1] is back, and with it, the parrots have returned [2]. Sunny, warm days with an onshore breeze, cool evenings.

The 10 day forecast calls for more of the same. Fine by me, and I'm sure fine by the dogs. We've been going for runs in the morning. In August!



[1] commonly known as the June gloom, but like April in Paris [3], May is more likely to have the onshore marine layer coming up to the mountains. June gloom, May gray, August mist? Doesn't quite work. Anyway, the marine layer is not so great if you live at the beach (pro-tip: SoCal beaches are often gray and gloomy year round), but for those of us farther inland, it's pretty wonderful.

[2] Why are parrots squawking at each other so pleasing, and grackles not? Anthropomorphizing, parrots seem joyous, and grackles seem annoyed.

[3] April in Paris is cold and wet – E.Y. Harburg needed two syllables for the meter.