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The NYT has a new editor, after their botched and sexist firing of the first woman editor of the NYT.

Of course, a previous editor spiked one of the first NSA stories in 2004. The new editor has a history of spiking stories about the NSA too, in 2007.

“[W]e could not figure out what was going on”, based on Klein’s highly technical documents

and by “we”, he means Dean Blaquet, the new editor of the NYT.

So if you’re spineless, and going to a spineless institution, and maybe not that bright, does the future of the NYT look better or worse? Even just from the standpoint of understanding a newspapers role in a digital world, killing the NSA story because you didn’t understand it doesn’t bode well. I’d short their stock.

It also turns out that perhaps the NSAs counterpart in the UK, GCHQ had other motives in the seemingly stupid trashing of the computers used by the Guardian to report the Snowden story.

This didn’t make sense at the time, but now given the new revelations about how the NSA is intercepting hardware to infect it before it’s shipped, the mind boggles. It now looks very much like they were there to destroy the evidence that the Guardian’s computers were compromised. Which means they likely knew about everything Greenwald and Snowden beforehand. Wheels within wheels. The mind boggles.