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Twice as much

There’s a new movie popping up on Netflix starring not just one, but TWO of my if-he/she-is-in-it-don’t-go-see-it actors: The Frozen Ground. Without actually looking at that IMDB page, I’m guessing it was S2V.

Yeah, Cusack has done some things I liked (Grifters), but I think the last one was Grosse Point Blank. Even though when I think about it in the cold hard light of day, he was horribly miscast. But I watch it every time I come across it. That was in the last millenium, though. Pretty much everything he’s been in since then, his presence has been (or should have been) a sign of a bad movie.

And for Cage, that’s everything since Red Rock West (1995). Yeah, LLV was a great performance, in a movie, that like Under The Volcano, I never need to see again. And probably would be happier if I hadn’t seen the first time.

And there are of course other actors in that category – Leo, Sandler, Barrymore (luckily they tend to star together and only kill one movie at a time), Broderick, Travolta, Carrey, Spacey (yes, Spacey – what was the last good movie he was in? And I liked House of Cards!). I’m skeptical of Denzel, Keanu, Cruise, Jackson, and any number of other actors who are basically not actors but just get hired to play the only character they know how to play (themselves), but that doesn’t stop them from making something fun to watch every great while.