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Lesson: don’t piss off the wrong people

Wow. I wonder who Petraeus pissed off, and how? It can’t just be his lack of OpSec. Is it really just puritanical? Lots of generals, and politicians, have affairs. I suppose the crime is to be stupid and get caught, but the punishment is usually just what he already got – sent to a high-paying civilian job. Unless your name is Newt Gingrich.

We can’t put torturers, perjurers, murderers, or Dick Cheney (but I repeat myself) on trial, much less in jail, but a former DCIA/USCENTCOM/ISAF/USFOR-A commander? He must have really done a number on someone high up. Be interesting to know what you have to do to go to jail in this country if you’re at that level.

Now the non-retiring (but should) senior Senator from CA says he’s suffered enough:

*Use this easy test to check whether you’re eligible to have your advocates employ this line of argument in the offices of the executive branch and the courts of public opinion:

If you passed classified information to your mistress, how many senators would appear on Sunday morning talk shows to talk about what a great person you are?

(a) Zero.

Stop. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $2,000,000 from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

(b) One.

Defense may be applicable in your case. Consult the editorial board of the Washington Post for further guidance.

(c) Two or more, at least one of which is from each major party.

Congratulations, you are a Genuine American Hero(tm), and as such outside the jurisdiction of federal criminal law. Please be sure to collect your Augusta National Golf Club membership and other complimentary gifts at the door.