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I’ve been off climbing in one of my favorite places in the world. I might have some pix – I haven’t uploaded them yet to see, but given that it was pretty cloudy and wet and I was with someone who was completely and actively uninterested in my desire to make art, I didn’t take many pictures, so the probability is low.

I also didn’t send my project, falling off twice at the last hard move. Several one fall burns, but I just couldn’t pull it off, even with my lucky charms showing up at the last minute. But it was third day on, third try. I repeated the high point.

The good news is that training seems to work. Despite failing, I climbed well, and I found things that felt impossible last fall to be not that difficult.

In other news, the fourth amendment is still dead, cops kill two citizens per day (way more than terrorists), and the TSA is 95% ineffective for billions of dollars per year.

Anyway, not dead yet. It was worse, it was raining.