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Airplane movie reviews, Spring 2016 Swiss

Swiss has gone to the 777 now. The seats are better than the old ones in the A340-300, and contrary to what SeatGuru said beforehand, they are lie-flat, not angle-flat. The seat controls are right where your elbow hits, so they’re always getting bumped by accident. You still want to get the seats at the front if possible for more space. I think the separated interior aisle seat might be better than the throne seats (not the aisle window seats – those must suck, either crawling over or being crawled over to get to the restrooms). The thrones have the legspace kinda constrained by the seats in front which ends up being uncomfortable after a while.

Not having a window is not a big deal, and I say that liking to look out the windows. There’s little to see on the 12 hour international flights anyway. It’s tundra or ice for the day flight or nighttime for the red-eye (I always get high clouds anyway), and you’re an asshole if you open the shades when everyone else is trying to sleep. There’s always one.

It’s nice to have more storage space for small items. And a built-in USB for keeping the iPad charged. This was the first time the waitress asked me to put away my iPad for take-off and landing. Hopefully that won’t continue.

I really miss having some control of an air nozzle. It gets warm in the rear seats, even though I was sitting next to what looked like a vent. The front seats seem to be cooler.

No more jingus dual-pin headphone adapter necessary! Now there’s a touchscreen with a wider view-angle. Also about 25% bigger.

Always avoid the Swiss wine – go for the French or Argentina.

Still lots of James Bond. But more space, so it seemed like more other movies.

  • Midnight Special. I had actually downloaded this movie to watch on my iPad, as I like the director and Michael Shannon. Pretty good. I don’t normally like movies that put kids or animals in danger. Also Sam Shepard.
  • Deadpool. Meh. Gratuitous Stan Lee and minor X-men characters. But it kept moving. Coulda been much better with more Sister Mercy and mercenaries, and less teenage X-men and setting up franchises.
  • Three Nines. I never heard of this, but it had a great cast, and I’m always good for a heist movie.
  • Creed. A good watch, though the takeaway seemed to be the opposite of the Rocky movies – you get ahead based on who you know and family connections. Gratuitous cancer subplot. But as I suspected, Stallone wuz robbed of the BSA. Better than I suspected, and much better than Rylance in that Spielberg spy turd.