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When I read the comments on /. or Verge or Giz or some other site [1], there’s always someone piping up about how real techies use Android or Linux and only fanboys, poseurs, and weak-minded sheeple confused by marketing would buy an Apple. Only marketing sells Apple, not technical proficiency or good value [2]. SJ wasn’t a techie, he was a marketing genius, and TC’s skills lie not in making technically superior devices, but in making them fashion accessories.

Then I look around the room at the place where I work, which seems to have the best record in this solar system for sending things to other planets and making them work. Pretty much everyone has an Apple marketing device, I mean iPhone, and as of a few years ago, 50% MBPs. Higher now. Lots of the hardcore Linus fanbois have switched over [3].

No one would accuse anyone here of being a fashion victim [4].


[1] Never read the comments.

[2] Never mind that one of our missions still keeps some Mac IIci’s around to compile the hand-written compiler, or that my neighbor still runs stacks of Titanium PBG4s, or that I have an iPhone 6 (2014 – still gets updates), the original Retina iPad (2012 – stuck on iOS 9 I think), Mini (2008 – 10.6), Ti G4 (2002 – 10.4?), all of which still work, though the last needs a new battery and backlight.

[3] Lots of SEs still go Win because lots of the SE tools are Win only, and it’s a PITA on a Mac. I got around this by going headless into one of my RDC windows test machines with the sadly demised iTap Mobile, but it’s still a PITA esp. if you are VPNing from offshore. Almost enough to make you carry an Air around with your Lenovo.

[4] I mean, we are in LA, so we’re not talking skinny black ties and short-sleeved white button-downs. More flip-flops and Prana.