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Shitcoin for nothing

imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

— white smoke gamer pope (@Theophite) August 16, 2018

I think of this succinct explanation of shitcoin every time I go to the vet, and all the late model Jeeps, Raptors, and MB SUVs are just sitting there idling with the windows rolled up for the 90 minutes that they are waiting on their dog to come back. It’s LA, and it’s 68 F outside, and really comfortable to sit there and read a book, or shitpost on social media, if that’s your thing, with your windows rolled down. Or would be, if not for all the loud-ass cars [1] idling away, producing nothing but more carbon to end the future earlier.

It’s probably still less than the equivalent shitcoin mining, or NFT generation, or ML model-building. But it produces nothing. At least shitcoin you could trade for darknet drugs.

[1] Since when did all the cars have to have F1 level exhaust noise? The euro cars have switches for that shit. America said fuck that, we’ll just annoy all our neighbors all the time. The Harley straight pipe asshole model writ large on every fucking Dodge, Chevy, and Ford, rolling coal on our ears and our sleep. And your fucking lights are too bright. Keeping your brights on all the time is the visual equivalent of the super-loud exhausts. Also, turn off your fucking fog lights. They’re still super bright! It’s not foggy! [2]

[2] The other half of this of course are the idiots who don’t turn on their lights on drizzly May Gray/June Gloom mornings. You’re driving a gray car, because they all are these days, on gray pavement, in a gray drizzle, at twilight. I know they’re stuck on bright, but turn your fucking headlights on.