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Quote of the day, when I feel like it.

QotD 20210716

  Remember when, before the internet, we thought that the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information? Yeah, it wasn’t that. –stolen from unknown tweeter


QotD 20210517

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Shitcoin for nothing

imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin — white smoke gamer pope (@Theophite) August 16, 2018 I think of this succinct explanation of shitcoin every time I go to the vet, and all the late model Jeeps, Raptors, and MB SUVs are just sitting there idling with […]

I’m surprised I have to keep telling you this

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. –Attributed to Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fronsac (9 September 1585 – 4 December 1642) Don’t write anything you can phone. Don’t phone anything you […]


QotD 20171223

Dickens’s attitude is easily intelligible to an Englishman, because it is part of the English puritan tradition, which is not dead even at this day. The class Dickens belonged to, at least by adoption, was growing suddenly rich after a couple of centuries of obscurity. It had grown up mainly in the big towns, out […]


Double helix in the sky tonight

This is the day of the expanding man That shape is my shade There where I used to stand It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass At ramblers, wild gamblers That’s all in the past You call me a fool You say it’s a crazy scheme This one’s for real I already […]



We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us. –Winston Churchill

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[…] there is no such thing as “Deregulation.” The choice is always simply between regulation by the public for the public or regulation by private powers for their personal benefit. In short, we must regulate our society through democracy, or the plutocrats will regulate our lives for us. — Matthew Stoller


QotD 30 April 2017

I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. –Antonio Gramsci, Letter from Prison (19 December 1929)

Quote of the Day 21 August 2015

Car cela libère mon esprit de la tyrannie des choses insignificantes. —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry when asked why he climbs

QOTD 1 March 2015

But I think that it’s certain that one doesn’t only photograph with the eyes but with all one’s intelligence. — Brassaï

Quote of the day, 12 June 2014

“Again: as the profound calm which only apparently precedes and prophesies of the storm, is perhaps more awful than the storm itself; for, indeed, the calm is but the wrapper and envelope of the storm; and contains it in itself, as the seemingly harmless rifle holds the fatal powder, and the ball, and the explosion; […]

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who’s overseeing who? And now the spies are writing the legislation that affects them. Let’s see – the spies are spying on the legislative body that oversees them, and writing the legislation for that legislative body. If it wasn’t clear to you before, They have the goods on Congress. Now They’re not even trying to […]

How the American higher education system was destroyed

In five easy steps. I’d say this is utter paranoia, that the Cabal that runs our country is not that cohesive and controlling, that it just happened by accident, but they have done it to the healthcare system, the secondary school system, the public unions, the networks, and the great research labs. And I read […]


Aphorism of the day, 6 October 2012

Google finds no hits for this except for someone that I know for a fact heard it from me, so I’m claiming credit: “Never steal anything that eats.” I’d call it BWare’s Law, but there’s already one of those. BWare’s Rule?