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Still not a total Apple fanboy

Apple’s idea of human interface design c. 2022:

8 point gray text on a white background, apple-plus doesn’t increase the size, and Music is still a POS app that screws up all my smart playlists by not distinguishing between the rating I give a song, and the unchangeable automatic album rating that gives every song on the album five stars if I give one song five stars. No one at Apple eats their own dog food. Or it’s all streaming to them now, and the terabytes of ripped CDs, many of which are completely unavailable anywhere, just don’t matter.

Don’t get me started on album artwork, either the complete inability of them to get the right album artwork, or even worse, that they overwrite or lose the album artwork that I curated carefully onto those terabytes of music.

Surely someone makes an independent iTunes Music replacement that’s actually good… But I haven’t found it.

I still can’t change the volume on airpods without reaching into my pocket for the phone, which isn’t possible at 20 mph on a bike, and not that convenient all the rest of the time. It’s gonna be a sad day when my two iPod shuffles give up the ghost. I already have to save an old MBP with OS X 10.9 to update those, as they are completely unsupported with newer versions of Music (the name of which by the way makes any solution to any of these problems completely unsearchable).