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QotD 20220629


I don’t believe that personal morality and character should be grounded on hope. …

We need people who are grounded in the belief that there is a single humanity, and that battles are fought whether or not you can calculate that they’ll be successes. The struggle must be our very existence and we must never accept the limitations of the political realistic; we must act on what is necessary in the most basic sense for the survival of ordinary people.

It doesn’t look like we’re gonna survive it, but we still fight like hell. In fact, we become better fighters, knowing that it’s the fight itself is the most important thing. Maybe these are strange or antiquated values. I still believe in character. That people produce themselves through the moral choices and actions that they take, irregardless of calculations of success or wealth or anything like that. Actions that are rooted in solidarity and love for other people and the common condition.

— Mike Davis, 2 October 2020 (TrueAnon podcast)