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Dogs have learnt to take selfies

Now he’s snapchatting all his dog buddies. Not sure if my mobile bill will survive.

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Blade Runner 2049 one-line review

    At least they didn’t kill the dog.

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I just went for a walk at the local mountain bike trailhead. In the full-to-overflow parking lot, there’s one trash can, no toilet, and cars parked down the street for a mile. Behind the first tree on the trail are uncountable fresh human turds, not to mention the inevitable dog and horse shit [1]. Turns […]

Internet IRL

I literally had an old man yell at me [1] today to “Get off my lawn! [2]” And here I was thinking that was just a phrase on the intertubes.         [1] Well, at my dog. Then other things at me. [2] With more adjectives.

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Of the year 2014

For me, 2014 was the year of the Mountain Goats. It’s what I’ve been listening to, and was the best concert of the year for me. I did one Mexico trip (also one the fall before) and two Maple trips, spring and fall. Also the Cathedral near St. George. Locally, I spent most of the […]