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Linear relationship between excellence and sociability

The harder I climb, the friendlier people are to me. Below V5/5.12, I’m invisible. Above that, people start talking to me out of the blue. I’m pretty sure my RBF is the same above and below. Same thing happened when I was running sub-55s 400m and sub-7 miles.

If it weren’t for rocks, we’d all be surfers

This person would be an awesome climber. She gets it. I don’t surf. I wish I did, but I grew up on the ocean of the Great Plains. Climbing is like this. Maybe moreso. Everyone fails, all the time. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough. Unless you are Adam Ondra or Alex […]

40 hours

“A fracture occurred” is how the powerpoint read. Meaning that working alone on a Sunday afternoon, the contractor broke the glass, leading to another check for $500k to the contractor – cost-plus, don’t you know. Proof again, that will be totally ignored, that working more hours doesn’t save you money – it costs you money. […]



I might have been in my fourth decade before I figured out that I had been taught to tie my shoes incorrectly. Pro-tip: It’s a square knot, not a granny knot. It’s still a bit of a mental catch to tie the laces correctly, even though I’ve been doing it right for all of this […]


I wonder when the first firing based on monitoring the location of your phone will occur? Has it already happened? Were you really “working from home”, or were you out goofing off? Their ability to check and see if you were at home, and their ability to monitor keystrokes on your computer will give them […]

The Big Read

It amuses me no end, that the people behind The Big Read of Moby Dick, predominately chose mostly people with English accents to read The Great American Novel.

Invasive species

Driving down the autobahn at 200 kph on a frosty wet morning, I was a bit nonplussed to get passed by a Porsche GT3 – for me, Porsche 911s are a car for sunny California roads. Of course, the autobahn is the native ecology for 911s – wet, cold, icy, and no speed limits. It’s […]


I have to give Apple credit for one thing in iOS 10 – they finally made the Maps “End” button bigger than one pixel, to either see, or hit. They still haven’t figured out how to tell Siri to pronounce “LAX”, or the interchange between the 5/10 to get to the east side of DTLA […]

Steve Jobs would never let this happen

As a huge Apple fanboi, I’ll be ordering a new MBP as soon as they are available from my workplace (they have to go through their stupid “verification” process first, even though it’s the same OS as currently available, and it’s not like they’re going to say no to the 2500 of us who have […]

Today’s slightly disconcerting announcement

at 1700: “Gamma ray testing is commencing in Building 233. All personnel should clear the area. Gamma ray testing is commencing in Building 233. All personnel should clear the area.”   Five-hours-too-late ObArcher: “Do you want giant ants? Because this is how you get giant ants.”   Five-hours-too-late career realization: There went my chance to […]

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Airplane movie reviews, Spring 2016 Swiss

Swiss has gone to the 777 now. The seats are better than the old ones in the A340-300, and contrary to what SeatGuru said beforehand, they are lie-flat, not angle-flat. The seat controls are right where your elbow hits, so they’re always getting bumped by accident. You still want to get the seats at the […]


ObHomer[1]: This is basically one of the central plot points of The Odyssey: On the way home from Troy, after a raid on Ismaros in the land of the Cicones, he and his twelve ships are driven off course by storms. They visit the lethargic Lotus-Eaters and are captured by the Cyclops Polyphemus while visiting […]


ObXKCD:     A thought occurs to me: my place of work (heretofore POW) puts all sorts of requirements on passwords, and also requires that they be changed every 90 days (against best practices), so having worked there for a while, I am long past the point of being able to actually remember a password, […]

Good idea, except…

Here’s a kinda cool idea, a $500 backup camera that ties to your phone. Although I’m pretty sure there are already systems like that out there, just not tied to your phone. I hope it has some serious screws on it, else what’s to stop anyone from putting a screwdriver to it and walking off […]

Threat surface

My Employer decided the day after the Belgium incident (not the day of, oddly enough, though I certainly knew about it long before I went to work, so they must have, but didn’t react very quickly) to institute tougher security checks at the entrance. Physically touching peoples IDs (but not RFID scanning them, because no […]