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lawd amighty, I feel my temperature risin’

Linux and/or Windows

Man, I can’t believe it’s 2016 and Windows and Linux have still not figured out a laptop touchpad. As much as OS X annoys me sometimes, every time I go from the MBP touchpad to a Windows or Linux machine, I just want to shoot myself. I go from being a 60 wpm typist, having […]

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Another brick in the wall

Is there any point in even kidding yourself that there’s any such thing as the 4th Amendment anymore? Your communications, your metadata, your location, your finances [1], your car, and now there’s not even the pretense of fruit of the poisoned tree.       [1] due to the increasingly irrelevant “third party doctrine“.

The thing about “self-driving” cars

This is rarely mentioned, but… you get a SDC. It starts driving you around. Until it runs into something it can’t handle, and hands the wheel back over to you. But you don’t actually practice driving anymore. And you were playing games on your iPhone. Because SDC, amirite? No one can context-switch like that in […]


The bells! The bells!

0700, and they’re going to go off for at least five minutes. Thanks and fuck you anyone who has jet lag and just got to sleep, or works a night shift.


How are these things even legal? 95-100 dB noise levels. Like standing next to a jet. They are painful, and I say this as someone who spent years playing in a band on stage next to stacks of amps, working construction, and grew up shooting guns thinking ear plugs were for wusses [1]. There’s one […]

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Onion. On belt. On fleek.

I was at this place. Never mind where. Someplace where I might be, but is unfortunately lots more hip than it would have been when I had any chance of being hip. Timing is everything. Lots of tattoos, interesting hair, clothes, hats. Listening to this fellow, 24 by his own account, talking to someone who […]


The US might be more religious whacky than Europe, passing stupid and embarrassing laws about porn and bathrooms, but at least we put a stop to that nonsense about the church bells. Really, five minutes on the hour beginning at 7 and going til 11? Then it settles down to only ringing the hour all […]

File under “shaking fist at clouds”

When I am god-emperor, tree trimmers will only be allowed to work from 8-5 M-F. Yes, I know that such things are necessary evils if you want to have trees in the ‘burbclaves, and we do. But under my regime, chainsaws and chippers will only be allowed during the hours when the majority of folks […]


Called it. Almost two years ago. No more anonymity for anyone.

OPM Hack

tl;dr: OPM database was tied to 007 database, but also to State Dept. Passport database, DOD service records, and pass-through access to a complete set of other extraordinarily sensitive National Security data, including detailed information on every US defense contractor facility, data about which defense facilities both USG and contractors may have visited, and any […]

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What it should have been

You know what the funniest thing about Europe is? If you ask for a gin and tonic, you get a little bit of gin poured over a lot of crushed ice, and a small bottle of tonic water. You get the right proportion of gin-to-tonic exactly one moment; from then on, you’re drinking gin-flavored watered […]

Happy happy joy joy

I learned to program on a CDC-1604, then a CDC-6400 (but those were punched cards), then a TI-990 (no memories of that editor). Then at my first real job, there was a PDP-11/34 which later turned into a VAX-11/780. So I learned to hack in EDT, followed by TPU, and they are deep in my […]

Under the gun

It’s called under-the-gun in THE. When you’re first bet after the dealer, and you have to act first. Ginsburg should retire tomorrow. She’s 83 and has had two different cancers. The GOP might be able to stall for a year on replacing Scalia. But they couldn’t stall if two justices need to be replaced. Do […]

Error 53 or the FBI, and everyone else, pwns your device

You can either complain about Error 53 if someone-not-Apple replaces part of the Secure Enclave of your iPhone, or you can complain about the FBI having a backdoor into your iPhone (and by extension, the Russian Mafia – because if the FBI can do it, so can anyone else of moderate technical skills. The FBI […]

Annoying Apple

Daily software update reminders. Both iOS and OS X. OS X: I like iPhoto and Aperture and I don’t want to update and lose them. iOS: I am often traveling and I’m not going to update the software with any chance of bricking my phone and/or iPad until I get home. Just. Not. Gonna. Happen. […]