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lawd amighty, I feel my temperature risin’

Using the L(whatever)S

About a year ago, while I was gallivanting around, and paying someone about three times too much to stay at my house and dogsit while they were renting their place out via AirBNB, my thermostat failed. In December. The day after Xmas. Now this isn’t Buffalo. It’s not life-threatening. But having spent a cold winter […]


I have to give Apple credit for one thing in iOS 10 – they finally made the Maps “End” button bigger than one pixel, to either see, or hit. They still haven’t figured out how to tell Siri to pronounce “LAX”, or the interchange between the 5/10 to get to the east side of DTLA […]

Steve Jobs would never let this happen

As a huge Apple fanboi, I’ll be ordering a new MBP as soon as they are available from my workplace (they have to go through their stupid “verification” process first, even though it’s the same OS as currently available, and it’s not like they’re going to say no to the 2500 of us who have […]


I do not understand why I can’t watch regular Netflix when overseas. I am still a US citizen, paying with a US account. It’s not as though I am going to go to a German sports bar and show episodes of Archer (“So you’re saying Germany is the Alabama of Europe?”) on all the screens […]

Autobahn redux

Once again, the drive back from Utah provokes thoughts about driving and human behavior. In Utah, with the closest thing to a German autobahn no-speed-limit experience that you’re likely to get in the US (80 mph limits, meaning 90 mph traffic [0]), people are polite, move over, and largely don’t park in the left hand […]

Peak story – or peak podcast?

I can’t decide if we’ve either reached peak story, or peak podcast, when I hear the same guy telling the same story that I already heard on TAL, Snap Judgement, the Moth, TED, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Are we really out of new stories to tell, and new people to tell them? Yes, […]

Apple iTunes album rating fail

Apple implemented a new feature which derives an “album rating” from the ratings that you give individual songs. However, they did this in the most brain dead way possible – if you rate any song with any stars, the whole album gets that rating. Then any playlist based on ratings will have the whole album […]

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More bad IT policies from the place where I work

Once again, changing passwords frequently is a bad idea. Another lousy IT policy enshrined in policy. They might tell you that we do science, but there’s just as much belief in magic spirits there as anywhere else.

Flyover territory

How is it possible to have a West Coast tour that goes to San Diego and SF, but doesn’t stop in LA? I mean, LA went from having basically no gyms [1] to having about 15 [2], including one listed as one of the best in the US in a recent climbing rag [3]. If […]

Day pass

One of the gyms I go to… wait, all the gyms I go to, on a couple of continents, will only sell you a “day pass”, even if it’s 8pm and they’re going to close in two hours. But several of them will give you a discount on the so-called day pass if you’re in […]


ObXKCD:     A thought occurs to me: my place of work (heretofore POW) puts all sorts of requirements on passwords, and also requires that they be changed every 90 days (against best practices), so having worked there for a while, I am long past the point of being able to actually remember a password, […]


Teju Cole thinks that Steve McCurry is too boring. I won’t even address the other controversy about photoshopping images, whether it’s to change the color or add or remove elements, or whether the photos are staged. A different post. [1] No, I want to address the stupidity of going back thirty years, and saying that […]

Linux and/or Windows

Man, I can’t believe it’s 2016 and Windows and Linux have still not figured out a laptop touchpad. As much as OS X annoys me sometimes, every time I go from the MBP touchpad to a Windows or Linux machine, I just want to shoot myself. I go from being a 60 wpm typist, having […]

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Another brick in the wall

Is there any point in even kidding yourself that there’s any such thing as the 4th Amendment anymore? Your communications, your metadata, your location, your finances [1], your car, and now there’s not even the pretense of fruit of the poisoned tree.       [1] due to the increasingly irrelevant “third party doctrine“.

The thing about “self-driving” cars

This is rarely mentioned, but… you get a SDC. It starts driving you around. Until it runs into something it can’t handle, and hands the wheel back over to you. But you don’t actually practice driving anymore. And you were playing games on your iPhone. Because SDC, amirite? No one can context-switch like that in […]