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lawd amighty, I feel my temperature risin’


Xeriscaping just turned out to be an excuse to let weeds grow, or the dust blow, without guilt.



I unsubscribed because of this [1]. When Netflix gave us the option to turn it off, I figured I should resubscribe.     [1] Well, not just because of this. There’s also the whole annoying Popular Movies is just We Think You Might Like reordered is just Recommended For You reordered is just really all Netflix […]

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Chevy is the BMW of the US

When did Chevy drivers become such assholes? I’ve often stated that when you see a BMW, you’re about to see a dick move, but holy cow, BWMs just cut you off without signaling. Chevy Cruze drivers are actively hostile. Maybe it’s just because they’re driving such POS’s. Also Malibus.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that whatever else Trader Joe’s is good at, their salad dressings (and srichacha) are crap. The pico de gallo is ok though. The hot is not hot, so I can’t imagine what the mild tastes like – sugar? Not as good as Von’s store brand, but ok. It goes […]


Another few things

My mobile phone is finally waterproof, so I don’t have to worry about the random drop of water taking setting off the moisture sensor and taking itself out of service. But given that my MBP costs about the same as the damn iPhone (within a factor of two), why isn’t the shitty keyboard also waterproof? […]


Y is the new X

Prius’ are the new Saturn. Tesla is the new BMW. Except that BMW is still BWM, and Saturns are getting hard to find, but when you do, no less Saturn-y.


Point taken

Smokers are assholes.


Lest you think I am a total fanboi, here’s some things that bug the shit outta me: When I eject a disk, MacOS closes the finder window. Why!?! I was using that. When I get into the car, Podcasts/Music starts the last one I was listening too even if I had stopped it by hand. […]



Loud pipes make your neighbors think you are an asshole and hope that that stupid half-helmet doesn’t save you when the inevitable happens.


When I read the comments on /. or Verge or Giz or some other site [1], there’s always someone piping up about how real techies use Android or Linux and only fanboys, poseurs, and weak-minded sheeple confused by marketing would buy an Apple. Only marketing sells Apple, not technical proficiency or good value [2]. SJ […]

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USENET dead, film at 11

It’s for reals this time: Since about half of the RSS feeds I used to look at are also dead, this is pretty much it for the old non-commercial internet.


When they first came out, I thought daytime running lights were stupid. Either turn them on or turn them off. People should be capable of judgement. But they aren’t. Americans anyways [1]. Dawn, cloudy, marine layer, drizzle, and every damn car on the road these days is gray, white, or black [2], and they all […]


Pasadena still hates bikes. They make bike lanes to nowhere (Sierra Madre Villa – best bike lane in Pas, goes nowhere, gets driven in by cars, no enforcement. Also see Marengo for about a mile), refuse to pave bike lanes that are guaranteed pinch flats at any speed (Raymond), get buffaloed when they try to […]

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Newspapers dead, film at 11

It’s been a long time since I’ve been woken up at 4 AM by a crappy car with a loud exhaust stopping at every house [0]. Or any house. Small blessing. Now if I could just get the LA Times to stop littering my driveway with that goddam Hoy! trash… how is that legal even […]



The post office sent me this yesterday: I don’t know if everyone got one, or just dog owners. I know that my mutts love UPS because they carry around milkbones. They alert to the distinctive engine of the UPS trucks, and will literally run to any UPS person and beg for treats. I used to […]